Frequently Asked Questions

How is Microblading different then Microshading?

Microshading gives more of a make up look with a dark tail that fades into a beautiful subtle brow in the front.  As opposed to microblading that creates fine hairlike stokes. 

I like to do a combination of the two procedures to make it look natural but yet still an intentional make up look.  I microshade the tail of the brow and add a few harilike strokes in the front. 

What the the negatives of microblading?

 Microblading creates hairlike stokes that resemble natural growth.  The downside to this procedure is that if not done by an experienced PMU artist, the skin can be left with scaring and it over time, the pigment may spread deeper in the skin causing the stokes to look larger and not as clean as when you first received the service.  This is especially the case for oily skin.

How long does Microshading Last?

Depending on aftercare and skin type, microblading and microshading last up to 3-5 years as this method is going deeper into the layers of the skin. 

Are Henna brows better than tint?

Yes. Henna tints the skin and the hair unlike semi permanent hair dye therefore it lasts longer.  Henna is natural and will not cause chemical damage to the skin.

Are Henna Brows worth it?

ABSOLUTELY! A great option to start with if you are on the fence about permanent makeup. 

Which lasts longer, eyebrow tint or henna?

Henna lasts longer then tint. Tint may last one week while Henna could stay looking fresh and beautiful up to 2 weeks. Oily skin can hold henna up to 1 week. 

How much does henna eyebrows cost?

$65 But we 're always running a special for these beauties.  We're talking (up to 50% off). These are so fun to do!