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Cancelation Policy

We want your experience to be amazing! Please read the cancellation policy before booking any appointments at Sylk’s Brow Boudoir. I’m truly grateful for ALL of my clients. It’s such a blessing to be able to do what I love AND meet some wonderful people along the way. So in order to maintain our EXCELLENT standard of attention to your brows and positive client/artist relationships, we ask that all clients adhere to the cancellation and booking policies so that we can service everyone fairly and in a timely and efficient  manner. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and these policies exist to give all clients the absolute best experience possible.  We are so thankful for your business and welcome any inquiries about this policy.

Booking Policies

Have You Had Prior Permanent Make Up By Another Artist?

Cover up Service:  This is by consult only. Please contact me before booking if you have ever had permanent makeup on your brows preciously. Even if your previous PMU was years ago and/or has faded. Your Brow Artist will determine if your brows can be covered. In the event they cannot be covered, we will explore an alternative like Henna Tinting.

In gist, corrective/coverup services are not a guarantee upon booking.  Sometimes we cannot work over other artists’ work, and removal is needed. Please contact us to discuss BEFORE booking to ensure that it can be covered.    Phone: 678.322.7129

Failure to do so may result in the loss of your deposit if you arrive to your appointment and it cannot be covered, and we DO NOT want that to happen to you.  

Call, text, or email at to book a consult. 


Please note that children are not allowed in the salon for safety reasons.